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Why the HECK hasn't there been a new Twisted Metal game?

Twisted Metal PS4 is an extermination contest that allows us to use destructive missiles, pistols, ditches, and other sorts of weapons including satellite and nuclear-based weapons that can create a massive amount of annihilation. Contestants choose a vehicle, battle-fields, or a series of arenas in the game to indulge themselves in battle with opponents.

In Twisted Metal PS4, several weapons and up-gradation of weapons within a battlefield are accessible by taking scattered weapons throughout that particular level. The last one, who is alive throughout the battlefield and kills everyone, is the medalist of the game. The essential and fundamentals of Twisted Metal PS4 are just to wipe out all the opponents. One who wins the battle in Twisted Metal PS4 is awarded by a special weapon, cars, and that seemingly designed by the host and allocated to him/her as a triumph.


In the early decade, a man named Calypso regularly organized a contest. It was a frightful contest of vehicular slaughtering in which several cities take as active as the contestants, in which their motives just to demolished everyone and everything nearer to them for the sake of getting the victory. But after some time, the howl and shriek had gone silent and quiet. However, the time arose when the Calypso’s tournament made its full-fledged appearance on consoles.

The Twisted Metal series firstly came a few months after the PlayStation’s US debut. It was the first innovative game that really shows the actual difference between 32-Bit CD-based systems and the 16-Bit cart platforms that came before. After that, the series of twisted metal came along with having the new features, functionality and became a more powerful game in that era.

Will we ever get a new Twisted Metal game?

Twisted Metal II:

It was a durable and polished version of its predecessor, and it is collectively considered one of the best games ever released for the PlayStation.

Twisted Metal III:

When the third version of this game was released, at that time this company had been sold to GT Interactive Company. When this company launched its third version at that twisted metal lost its popularity, fame, and productivity because the game had new weapons, vehicles, contestants, and multiplayer options. Because of its poor quality, having no new features and functionality, it was not sold as much as its predecessor that is why Twisted Metal III was a huge disaster for all of its series.

Twisted Metal IV:

Nevertheless, once Twisted Metal IV became acquainted with the world, a new spirit would arise among fans because it has a lot of new weapons, new players, new functionality, and many more. It is much, much better than its predecessor is and again this game became a leading game among all.


The crucial objectives of Twisted Metal vary from game type to type, but the final is just to defeat the opponents and win the triumph. It contains many turning points. Each vehicle has special weapons that generate and increase its power and durability from time to time. It also has a standard sidearm means it has unlimited guns with unlimited bullets and another number of abilities, just like a blast that freezes enemies for a little span of time in particular places. Along with this, a huge amount of weapons are available on the battlefield, so your task and objective are just to explore all weapons on the battlefield for creating a massive amount of destruction that is harmful to others but that is more beneficial for you.

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Driving and shooting sorts of diversions had as of now accessible and existed within the world of the game, Twisted Metal was capable in portion for characterizing the car-combat class by putting over-the-top characters into vehicles with weapons, stores of weapons, and uncommon moves and letting them fight it out until as it were one remained. Twisted Metal IV may be an enormous improvement over Turned Metal III’s. There are more covered up regions than within the past recreations and you will likely play a level more than a dozen times some time recently finding everything.

Special Features of Weapons of Twisted metal PS4

With a few weapons, like homing rockets, you will be able to fire and disregard. Other weapons, like control rockets, can do essentially more harm, but requires a straight, clear shot, and finding that is not simply within the warmth of fight. With a shotgun, you just have to get in near and pull the trigger, but napalm requires a well-timed button press to bring it downpours down on an adversary. You’ll be able to carry a few sorts of weapons at once, and making the foremost of your weapons store implies exchanging on the fly to the foremost compelling weapon for the circumstance you discover yourself in at that moment.

 Twisted Metal PS4

Contestants in Twisted Metal PS4

The amusement tallies with an add up to 13 vehicles, in which 12 are selectable. Each vehicle has its claim set of stats, including armor/resistance, speed/handling, and control, as well as an interesting Extraordinary Attack. Instead of fair having a mid-boss and a conclusion boss, Turned Metal 4 highlights bosses after each level.

Vehicle Driver(s)
Road Kill Captain Spears
Hammerhead Dave & Mike
Specter Scott Campbell
Warthog Commander Mason
Pit Viper Angela Fortin
Crimson Fury Agent Stone
Thumper Bruce Cochrane
Outlaw Carl Roberts
Dark side Mr. Ash
Yellow Jacket Charlie Kane
Sweet Tooth Needles Kane

Game Modes of Twisted Metal PS4

Single Player

One Player Challenge permits the player to select a vehicle and fight through the six fields of the challenge. In case the player emerges triumphant, he/she will be treated to a finishing motion picture appearing fair how winning the challenge works out for the character they chose. Each field includes a set sum of competitors that the player must overcome, but precisely whom the player needs to battle is very irregular.

Single Player Battlegrounds

  • Arena Duel (1 Opponent)
  • Warehouse District Warfare (3 Opponents)
  • Freeway Free For All (5 Opponents)
  • River Park Rumble (6 Opponents)
  • Assault on Cyburbia (8 Opponents)
  • Rooftop Combat (3 Opponents)
  • Minion Duel (1 on 1 against Minion, or 4 Opponents if the password is used)
  • The Fight of your Life! (5 Opponents)


The two-player multiplayer modes – co-op and deathmatch – still let you design the part screen by level or vertical cut as well as variations on a four-way part where the other two boxes are filled with radar, speedometer, and weapons data.

What Happened To PlayStation Exclusive Franchise Twisted Metal?

Multi-Player Battlegrounds

There is a multiplayer alternative in Turned Metal, but half of the battlegrounds are decreased to an extent of the typical range. The names in striking are the regions that have been balanced.

  • Arena
  • Warehouse
  • Freeway
  • City Park
  • Canal
  • Roof Top

The soundtrack of Twisted Metal PS4

This is the Bent Metal diversion that permits you to tune in to its soundtrack within the alternatives menu. The melodies are as follows:

  • “Twisted Theme”
  • “Circus Metallicus”
  • “Asphalt Assault”
  • “Cyburb Slide”
  • “Cyburb Hunt”
  • “Stalk N’ Roll”
  • “Drop Dead”


Unfortunately, at this point, getting into those online fights is not about as smooth and hassle-free because it ought to be. Connection mistakes are common when endeavoring to connect diversions, and other characteristics edit up as often as possible. For occasion, you might select Group Diversions (which particularly alludes to Group Passing Coordinate, Final Man Standing, and Chased) beneath the Fast Online Action alternative, and discover yourself dropped into the amusement of Nuke, which has its claim-partitioned category. Ideally, these kinks will be pressed out rapidly, since the fundamental online involvement is colossally agreeable.

Twisted Metal Review: Car Combat's Explosive Return - Game Informer


Overall it is a great game for the ’90s kids, it is too nostalgic for the people in the age of 20s. Just as the weapons are central to the quality of any shooter, the vehicles are central to the quality of any vehicular combat diversion, and Bent Metal’s grouping of dangerous machines on wheels is fantastic. Whether you select the nimblest vehicle or the foremost ambling, sharp controls make maneuvering around the battlefield. You will be able to spin any vehicle into a tight turn, even input, which is not the slightest bit practical which is the genuine substance of Twisted metal. People enjoy, love, and reveal their anger when playing this. Actually, it is the perfect way of destruction and discharges outrage.

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